JSC Ajinomoto-Genetika Research Institute
JSC Ajinomoto-Genetika Research Institute
Design and biosynthesis of recombinant proteins
Design and biosynthesis of recombinant proteins
We use effective recombinant protein production platforms based on microbes such as bacteria, yeasts and mycelial fungi
We have developed unique genetic systems for each production platform we use to attain an optimum level of gene expression, correct folding of the synthesized polypeptides
and their secretion, and reduced proteolytic cleavage of target proteins.

The advantages of the microbe-based protein production include high yield of target proteins, fast growth of strains on cheap culture media, short time which is required
for development of the technology, and the relative ease of scaling the technology.

These advantages are especially noticeable in the case of producing small proteins
(for example, cytokines and growth factors), enzymes or even whole cells that perform
a certain enzymatic cascade for the production of low molecular weight substances (biotransformation).

We successfully complete projects that are aimed to obtaining more complex proteins: heterodomain-containing proteins and antibody fragments. This became possible due to,
in particular, implementation of ingenious own approaches based on the use of chimera structures with subsequent proteolytic or intein-mediated cleavage of a hybrid protein.