JSC Ajinomoto-Genetika Research Institute
JSC Ajinomoto-Genetika Research Institute
Metabolic engineering
and selection of microorganisms
Metabolic engineering and selection of microorganisms
Construction of microorganisms capable of effectively synthesizing target products is the key competence of our Company
In this field, we have vast experience in strain design for the production of compounds having various chemical nature, structure and cellular localization.

We are able and ready to ensure the best outcome at all stages of strain development: from the design of the biosynthesis concept for the target product to the adjustment of strain parameters to the actual manufacturing process.

An advantage of our approach is the use of modern techniques for genetic engineering that we have fine tuned for each of our microbial expression platforms and large collection of various genetic elements (plug-and-play parts) which we use for the targeted transformation of cell metabolism to ensure effective production of the target product.

In the event that targeted genome editing may not be applied to fulfill the task in accordance with the customer's request, we use classical methods of mutagenesis and selection complemented by state-of-the-art technologies such as adaptive laboratory evolution, whole genomic sequencing, highly productive screening based on cell sorting, 13С-metabolic flax analysis using software we have developed, and other approaches.