JSC Ajinomoto-Genetika Research Institute
JSC Ajinomoto-Genetika Research Institute
of culture processes
Development of culture processes
We begin developing a bioprocess at the earliest stages of the project, thus effectively coordinating the program of strain design with selection of the optimal cultivation parameters
We have obtained vast experience in cultivating various microorganisms under the conditions for batch and fed-batch fermentation processes.

To bring the laboratory trials as close as possible to the conditions for the actual production, we use high-tech bioreactors. This helps us to fine tune the fermentation process and to obtain exhaustive information about the main parameters: pH, temperature, mass exchange, accumulation of biomass, and actual concentrations of CO2, О2 and NH4+.

Accumulation of intermediate products, by-products and target products of the fermentation process are controlled using wide range of analytical methods, for example, TLC (thin-layer chromatography), HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography), GS (gas chromatography), IEC (ion-exchange chromatography), capillary electrophoresis, and MS (mass-spectroscopy). Other key cell metabolites can also be monitored and controlled at the same time. This enables us to develop the most suitable cultivation protocols.

We formulate culture media based on our in-depth knowledge of the physiology of microorganisms taking into account customers' requirements for the composition of the media – both in view of raw material cost-effectiveness and market requirements for the specific product, for example, Halal, Kosher and Organic label requirements.